Who Are We?

Mabe Steel was formed in 2007 by Bryan Mabe with two employees, two Lincoln welding machines and a pickup truck. For three years we traveled the country installing metal decking on industrial distribution centers and various other structures, subcontracting through other structural steel erectors.

As we were working for other steel erectors, we witnessed a need for quality erectors, and started pursuing our own steel erection work in the latter part of 2009. We purchased our first forklift and began setting steel.

In February 2010 Bryan sold some of the company to Josh Church and we went on chasing more work. Josh’s background in Steel Erection was exceedingly valuable, and the business took off.

As we start 2016, we’ve just taken delivery of our second crane, and the future looks very, very bright…

Bryan Mabe Bio

Bryan graduated from East Forsyth High School and immediately jump started his business career selling cars at a local Chevrolet dealership.  He quickly grew from sales to finance, and from there onto sales management.

Although satisfied with his position, his true passion and vision was that of an entrepreneur. He started a mobile automotive restoration business marketing directly to car dealerships. After six years, Bryan sold that business and went to work with a family member who was in the steel business.

He jumped into the business grasping and learning every aspect he could.  Within four months that knowledge and his undying spirit led him once again to venture out and form his own company, Mabe Steel Inc. in 2007.

Joshua Church Bio

Joshua became interested in welding from his Great Uncle, and landed his first welding job while still in high school. After graduating Davie County High School, Josh decided to pursue more knowledge in the field by enrolling in the welding program at Forsyth Technical Community College.

After graduation from FTCC, Josh went to work right away in the steel industry. He was able to find steady work in several local steel companies in the area. As time past however he couldn’t help the feeling of wanting to go into business for himself . By 2010 his desire to own his company crossed paths with Bryan Mabe and a partnership, a bond, and a company was formed – Mabe Steel.